Asthma increases in the rainy season

In monsoon, asthma can increase the problem of patients, in such a way that you can control this problem with little change and lifestyle in the lifestyle.

The rainy season has come and in this season, asthma is a sign of asthma attack. However, it can be avoided with little care and with a little caution.

Why does asthma disease increase during monsoon? In this regard, doctors say, “At this time, there is a lot of plane grain dispersion in the atmosphere. In addition, due to increased humidity, the fungus also increases. This increases the incidence of an asthma attack. Due to rain, the presence of dissolved chemicals like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide increases the level of air pollution, which is fatal for asthmatics. Some viral infections also increase in monsoons, which increase the risk of asthma.

Prevention measures

Considering some important things, asthma can be kept under control. Asthma medication should be taken regularly. Most people with asthma take medicines (usually this is an inhalation corticosteroid) because it causes problems in the respiratory process. Studies have shown that regular consumption of medicines reduces the risk of asthma. If the doctor has asked asthma medicine to eat daily, then this advice is important. A dose should not be missed, it should be taken care of.

How low the risk of asthma?

  • – The dry and humid area regularly. Use humidity to keep humidity from 25 percent to 50 percent using the heat-finish equipment.

– If possible, use AC.

  1. -Clean the bathrooms regularly and use the products that are capable of eliminating bacteria.
  2. -Use the exhaust fan and do not let moisture in the house.

Keep the dogs out of the bedroom.

  • While using paint, use a fungal chemical in painting, which can prevent the fungal from growing.
  • Clear the fungal visible and use cleaning solutions containing bile and detergents.
  • Stay inside the day of humidor strong wind, because the amount of polyene grain on this day is high in the atmosphere.
  • -Continue windows to stop the collagen grains.
  • -Pilose and carpets are allergen-resistant.
  • -Pill pillows and beds away from wings. Wash your bed with hot water once a week.
  • Do not use the term. Put a mask on the face while doing the vacuuming. If someone in your home has asthma, do not vacuum at that time when he is in the room.
  • Clean the floor dust with soiled clothes and clean the lampshades and windows.
  • -Replace the filters of the heater and air conditioners regularly.
  • Do not stay here for such friends and relatives, who have pets. If you go there, then decide whether you have asthma or allergy medicines.
  • -Remain your pet once a week.

Carpets and curtains decorating viruses and fungus

People make carpets and curtains in the house to decorate and beautify their homes. These carpets and curtains of different colors increase the beauty of the house, but these carpets and curtains can also make you a victim of a serious disease like asthma. Doctors say that viruses and fungus present in heavy curtains on the carpet and window-doors laid in the house are fasting to asthma. These things act as triggers on asthma i.e., the speed that comes out of the gun with a gun, damages the other person, in the same way, these things call asthma as a bullet.

Every 10th person suffers from asthma

Dr. Rajkumar, executive director of Vallabh Bhai Patel Chest Institute, said, “The soil gets frozen due to the wind blowing on the carpets and curtains of the house. After soil freezing, people clean it with a broom or kill the cloth, but in spite of this, dust and bacteria are trapped. When bacteria breathe in them, these bacteria go inside the body, which can cause asthma. If people are fond of carpeting and curtains in the house, then they should also take full care of their cleaning. The vacuum cleaner should be cleaned. Asthma patients should stay away from all these things. Especially at that time when cleaning is done around the house or anywhere. Asthma has more than 30 million patients worldwide. In India, the condition is even worse. Here every 10th person is in the grip of asthma. ‘

Can not be controlled right

Dr. Rajkumar says that the biggest reason for asthma is lack of awareness. Asthma is such a disease which, if once a person has it, it can be controlled, but can not be completely cured. If doctors believe that if a person is constantly breathing if there is a sound from the chest when breathing, if cough is long or there is trouble in changing the weather, then the doctor should definitely go.

Patients can also give asthma

A great reason for having asthma can also be to cater to pets in the home. The tradition of cows, buffaloes, and goats in the house has been going on since the old times, but now the practice of raising dogs and cats in the house has started, which is a major cause of asthma. Many bacteria and dust are frozen in the hair of these animals too. People sit and sleep with them, sleep, which increases the risk of asthma doubling, so the distance from these animals is necessary.

Asthma can also be caused by many medicines

People with fever, headache, colds, IFFUFFIN or other pills eat it without the advice of the doctor who can cause asthma in the body. Fevers or headaches are all at different levels. In such a situation, instead of eating pills with the mind, medicine should be taken only by the doctor’s advice.

Soya-peanuts, eat carefully

People eat anything when they are hungry. Packed snacks, fried things … These things can trigger asthma. Soya, peanuts are also some such things that can increase asthma. Therefore, instead of eating more than necessary, they should eat only after thinking and staying in the limits.

It is also important to keep in m7 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Baking Potatoeind

  • Take asthma patients with light food. You may have trouble breathing by eating heavy food.
  • Avoid stress, anxiety, fear, etc. All these things can be caused by asthma.
  • Do any work to breathe every day. Massage on the chest with mustard oil will give you relief.
  • Sleep with a thick pillow. This will also give you relief from the problems of asthma.
  • Use light and quickly digested items like moong and tur, pulse, pumpkin, etc. This will keep you relaxed.
  • The inhaler is also a better option for asthma disease.
  • Asthma patients should spend more time in the open and fresh air. Fresh and clean water should also be used in plenty.
  • Fasting once a week will also be very beneficial for you.
  • Reduce the use of acid-containing items such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the body.
  • Whatever you take, be light and comfortably digest. It is very important to take care of you.


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